17 January 2010

Pomodoro Desktop 0.31 released

- Fixed a bug in interrupt/resume (http://github.com/ugol/pomodoro/issues/#issue/39)
- Growl End can now be sticky (http://github.com/ugol/pomodoro/issues/#issue/37)
- Growl Break end can now be sticky

"Update is improperly signed" error

Hi, I just discovered that due to a build error, the 0.28 release had a missing certificate, so the automatic download won’t work correctly and it will give an error “Update is improperly signed”. Please download the 0.30 manually and sorry for the issue.


Pomodoro Desktop 0.30 released

- Everaldo nicely contributed with new gorgeous icons (http://www.everaldo.com/)
- Growl Start can now be sticky
- Preferences are now accessible during pomodoros too (experimental, don't abuse)
- Fixed a small bug in which "Speech at end" was immune to "Mute All sounds"
- Upgraded to Growl 1.2.1 SDK final
- Updated to latest BGHUDAppkit
- Fixed a missing certificate error (that's why you'll get an "Update is improperly signed" with this release)