Pomodoro Desktop 0.31 released

- Fixed a bug in interrupt/resume (
- Growl End can now be sticky (
- Growl Break end can now be sticky

Pomodoro Desktop 0.30 released

- Everaldo nicely contributed with new gorgeous icons (
- Growl Start can now be sticky
- Preferences are now accessible during pomodoros too (experimental, don't abuse)
- Fixed a small bug in which "Speech at end" was immune to "Mute All sounds"
- Upgraded to Growl 1.2.1 SDK final
- Updated to latest BGHUDAppkit
- Fixed a missing certificate error (that's why you'll get an "Update is improperly signed" with this release)

Pomodoro Desktop 0.28 released

- Added shortcut preference panel for user defined global keyboard shortcuts
- Added "Mute all sounds" option to disable all sounds with a single click
- Fixed potential leaks
- Updated to growl 1.2b1 SDK for maximum snow leopard compatibility
- Updated to latest BGHUDAppkit
- Migration to Xcode 3.2 template completed
- Optimized sounds memory resources
- is now much lighter

Pomodoro Desktop 0.27 released

- final icon for pomodoro app
- fixed an html visualization issue in about dialog
- fixed a bug in which if "can restart during break" was enabled pomodoro didn't change the icon to break

Pomodoro Desktop 0.26 released

- added Twitter integration using the great Matt Gemmell MGTwitterEngine
- fixed a preferences user defaults synchronization issue

Pomodoro Desktop 0.25 released

- every notify (including applescript) has now access to common variables: $pomodoroName and $duration
- you can now load applescripts (*.pomo) from filesystem
- changed default global shortcuts to CTRL+ALT+Apple plus arrows because of textmate default keybindings
- added two new options: ticking sound during break (enabled by default) and can restart during breaks (disabled by default)
- about box is now in html and includes various links
- testing new small icons
- changed some interface stuff to better match apple standards

Pomodoro Desktop 0.24 released

- added Volume Control: now you can separately control speech, ring and ticking volumes
- added updates advanced setup
- minor fixes/optimizations

Pomodoro Desktop 0.23 released

- Added scriptability
- Durations can now be freely edited in comboboxes
- Added “reset back to defaults” button in Setup panel
- fixed some synchronization bugs with User defaults

If you come from previous releases and you have customized time events, you will have to reset your combobox customizations, reset them with the “reset back to defaults” button in the Setup panel, or the pomodoro will hang at the time of notifications.

Pomodoro Desktop 0.22 released

- Added autoupdate
- Added pomodoro name panel (user can enable/disable)
- Added pomodoro automatic restart
- Added animated icons

Pomodoro Desktop 0.21 released

- Ticking sound (can be enabled/disabled)
- Global keyboard shortcuts: Pomodoro is now usable without a mouse!
- Added support banner: don’t forget to support us!

Pomodoro Desktop 0.20 released

- Backlog of done pomodoros. (SQLite based)

Pomodoro Desktop 0.19 released

- Stripping symbols bug fixed

This build configuration made the 0.18 release i386 only. Now it’s back to universal binary again

Pomodoro Desktop 0.18 released

Pomodoro Desktop 0.18 just released

Next release:

New Features: 
- Complete advanced statistics, with persistent list of pomodoros delivered
- Completely scriptable pomodoro. You will be able to manage your pomodoro actions and notifications from applescript. That means you can for example automatically set a “busy” message on your preferred messenger when working on a pomodoro. Thanks to Federico Galassi for the idea.

Eye candy:
- Animated icons for different states (interrupt, etc.)
- Scrollview bindings instead of TextFields in preferences setup